Are you an Early Career Implementation Professional?

If you have worked in implementation research, practice or policy for less than five years, then you definitely qualify. But you may also have a bit more experience - and feel young at heart. In either case, you are most welcome to the EIE2020 ECIP sessions and activities! 

Brilliant Failures
- a workshop by Paul Iske

Paul Iske is the founder - and current 'Chief Failure Officer' - of the Institute of Brilliant Failures. He is also a Professor of Open Innovation and Business Venturing at Maastricht University's School of Business and Economics.

In his workshop 'Working together, failing together, learning together', Paul will introduce a framework for creating value by accepting and learning from (brilliant) failures. Failing is not only inevitable, it is essential for learning. But are we allowed to fail? And what is the impact of culture on how we deal with failure? While everyone agrees that we should learn from our failures, no one tells us how to do this. Paul will present a method and tools to extract lessons learned from implementation failure and to make it possible to use them at a different time, in a different context.

Spotlight on
- the ECIP Keynote

We will provide one ECIP with the opportunity to hold a 15-minute plenary keynote. If you haven't already thrown an abstract in the ring and indicated your interest, you should totally do that now. This call we be open until April 17, 2020.
Send us your submission via Email, and we will include it in the review process!

Scavenger Hunt
- Win the EIE2020 Treasure Chest!

Team-up with your fellow ECIPs and compete - through exciting, creative, and challenging implementation tasks - for fame and fortune in the international implementation community.

ECIP Speed Dating
- Exchange Perspectives!

This is implementation speed dating - Pitch your implementation research or practice case to multiple people and listen to inspiring pitches yourself. It's a space to connect, learn, and network. And yes, there will be free drinks involved.

Late Breaking Posters
- You can still Submit

Did you miss the submission deadline for abstracts? No problem - we got you covered. We accept poster submissions until August 31st, 2020. Submit yours by e-mailing it directly to us.

Find here the submission instructions for Ride the Kowledge Wave - Poster Presentation and a Template for your poster submission.