If you have worked in implementation research, practice or policy for less than five years, then you definitely qualify. But you may also have a bit more experience - and feel young at heart. In either case, you are most welcome to the EIE2021 ECIP sessions and activities!

The Early Career Professional Program at #EIE2021!

Early Career Breakfast

In the morning of Day 1, all ECIPs attending EIE2021 are invited to gather in our virtual breakfast lounge for the Early Career Breakfast. We want to create a space for Early Careers and newcomers to the implementation community to connect and exchange with like-minded colleagues before all other attendees join the event. Bring some nibbles or a coffee and join one of our breakfast tables. You will meet fellow early career researchers and practitioners, connect, build your community, exchange experience and ideas, inspire and be inspired. And you will be part of a fresh and joint beginning of the European Implementation Event 2021!

Scavenger Hunt
- Win the EIE2021 Treasure Chest!

Team-up with your fellow ECIPs and compete for fame and fortune in the international implementation community! The EIE2021 Scavenger Hunt will be a fun challenge throughout the conference: You, together with your group, will solve creative tasks and answer question about the world of implementation. While the scavenger hunt will require you to get involved with others, be proactive, think outside your box – it will also facilitate your interaction with the conference program. All attendees who want to participate in the Scavenger Hunt will be divided into groups and you will virtually meet your group in the morning of day 1. For planning purposes, the registration for the Scavenger Hunt is binding, so please make sure you are committed to your sign-up. If you wish to form a group with certain colleagues of yours, please reach out to us via Email and we will sign you up as a group!

The EuroVision of Implementation

Katie Burke, Centre of Effective Services, Ireland
Cecilie Varsi, University of South-Eastern Norway, Norway
Heather Rogers, Biocruces Bizkaia Health Research Institute, Spain
Leah Bührmann, Northumbria University, UK

This interactive workshop will introduce participants to the main concepts of implementation. The EuroVision of Implementation is for researchers, practitioners, policy developers and others who want to get to know implementation and the science behind it.

We will offer you a dynamic mix of brief presentations, interactive group work and facilitated discussions. After attending the EuroVision of Implementation, you will know enough about implementation terms, concepts, and tools to get the most out of your EIE2021 attendance.

This workshop will take place on May 18, 2 - 5 PM CET, and is exclusively for EIE2021 participants - just sign up when registering for the event! If you have registered already, we will send you an email with information on how to sign up for this webinar.