The knowledge base on implementation is growing across a range of sectors and keeping up to date can be difficult. Below, find a selection of resources, some of which are open access. New resources will be added regularly so please check this section of the website for new additions.

We have a particular interest in sharing European Implementation Science Dissertations. If yours should be shared, please contact us!

REPOSITORY: Implementation Outcomes and Measurement Instruments

Implementation outcome instrument repository, a free online resource for implementation stakeholders, including researchers and healthcare professionals, wishing to quantitatively measure implementation outcomes. Developed by implementation science researchers at ARC South London and the University of East Anglia:

GUIDE: Our Relationship With Research

This resource is designed to support those providing both formal and informal leadership within health organizations in thinking through, and navigating, the various approaches to research involvement. Rather than provide a template to guide a particular type of organization (or suggest a one-size-fits-all model), it outlines issues and principles for consideration by organizations of diverse size, maturity, and focus, as they work to develop responses appropriate for their own unique contexts.

BOOK: Knowledge Translation in Nursing and Healthcare: A Roadmap to Evidence-informed Practice

Knowledge Translation in Nursing and Healthcare provides authoritative guidance on the implementation of evidence-informed practice, covering issue identification and clarification, solution building and implementation, evaluation, and sustainment. Integrating theory, empirical research, and experiential knowledge, this hands-on resource assists nurses and healthcare practitioners in collecting quality evidence, transforming it into a useable, customized recommendation, and then applying best practice in various point-of-care settings.

JOURNAL: Implementation Science Communications

Implementation Science Communications, an official companion journal to Implementation Science, is a forum to publish research relevant to the systematic study of approaches to foster uptake of evidence based practices and policies that affect health care delivery and health outcomes, in clinical, organizational, or policy contexts.

JOURNAL: JBI Evidence Implementation

JBI Evidence Implementation is an official journal of JBI. It is an international peer-reviewed online journal that publishes manuscripts encompassing evidence implementation. It includes investigations of feasibility, applicability, meaningfulness and effectiveness in health care delivery and practice. JBI Evidence Implementation seeks to disseminate rigorous, high quality research that informs and furthers the science and practice of evidence-based healthcare (EBHC) with a focus on implementation and improvement science.

PRACTICE GUIDE: Guiding Principles and Core Competencies for Implementation Practice

An international collaboration of implementation colleagues at the National Implementation Research Network (NIRN), University of North Carolina, the European Implementation Collaborative and the Centre for Effective Services (Ireland) produced this practice guide in 2020, based on the implementation science literature and real-world experience of implementation support practitioners. The implementation practice guide should be of use to anyone interested in developing the competencies of professionals who are facilitating and supporting the implementation of evidence-informed changes in service delivery.
This resource was developed under or in collaboration with the European Implementation Collaborative.

PROFILE: Implementation Support Practitioner

Implementation support practitioners are professionals who support implementation and build implementation capacity in human service organisations and systems. This practitioner profile identifies the competencies that implementation support practitioners need to support effective implementation and scaling of evidence-informed practices, programmes and policies, to improve outcomes for people and communities. 
This resource was developed under or in collaboration with the European Implementation Collaborative.

EISEN - Interim Report 2020

The European Implementation Science Education Network (EISEN) is co-producing two novel postgraduate curricula that will support implementation practitioners and students to build and assess their competence. This report summarises the work completed on the project by June 2020.

PODCAST: Policymaking is Not a Science!

This Freakonomics podcast episode asks, why so many promising solutions — in education, medicine, criminal justice, etc. — fail to scale up into great policy. And whether a new breed of “implementation scientists” (!!) will be able crack the code. The ultimate introduction to implementation science and practice!

BOOK: Improving Patient Care: The Implementation of Change in Healthcare

Improving Patient Care equips professionals and policymakers with the knowledge required to successfully optimize health care practice. By integrating scientific evidence and practical experience, the text presents a cohesive and proven model for practice change and innovation, complete with analysis of innovation, target group and setting; selection and application of strategies; and evaluation of process, outcomes and costs.

BOOK: Handbook on Implementation Science

The Handbook on Implementation Science provides an overview of the field’s multidisciplinary history, theoretical approaches, key concepts, perspectives, and methods. It draws on knowledge about learning, habits, organisational theory, improvement science, and policy research, and offers novel perspectives from a broad group of international experts in the field.

ONLINE COURSE: Inspiring Change

Inspiring Change, a free mini-course, provides guidance on how to use best practices from implementation science to improve outcomes and offers an overview of what implementation science is and techniques for using it in your day-to-day work. If you’re new to implementation science, this is the course for you.

BOOK: Implementation Science 3.0

This textbook presents a much-needed overview of the recent developments in implementation science — a discipline that is young, has gained increasing attention in recent years, and has experienced substantial and rapid growth in knowledge production and debate.

JOURNAL: Evidence & Policy

Hosted by Policy Press, Evidence & Policy is dedicated to comprehensive and critical assessment of the relationship between research evidence and the concerns of policy makers and practitioners, as well as researchers.

BOOK: How to Implement Evidence-Based Healthcare

This book by Professor of Primary Care Health Sciences Trish Greenhalgh makes sense of the complex and confusing landscape of implementation science, the role of research impact, and how to avoid research waste.

JOURNAL: Implementation Research and Practice

Hosted by Sage, Implementation Research and Practice is an international, peer-reviewed, open access, online-only journal. Articles published represent interdisciplinary research that advances the implementation of effective approaches to assess, prevent, and treat mental health, substance use, or other addictive behaviours.

THESIS: Implementing evidence-based practice in social work: a shared responsibility

This thesis explores the factors that support or impede EBP implementation in social work practice to develop our understanding of how implementation of evidence-based practice in social work practice can be improved. The focus is on Dutch Social Work.

GUIDE: NCEC Implementation Guide and Toolkit

The Irish National Clinical Effectiveness Committee (NCEC) commissioned this Implementation Guide to support those involved in the development and implementation of National Clinical Guidelines in their planning of implementation activities.

GUIDE: A School's Guide to Implementation

Developed by the Education Endowment Foundation, this implementation guide describes and demystifies the professional practice of implementation – to document knowledge of the steps that effective schools take to manage change well. It can be used to apply any school improvement decision: programmes or practices; whole-school or targeted approaches; internal or externally generated ideas.

EU PROJECT: ImpleMentAll (IMA)

Very few eHealth interventions make it into routine care, and those that do take a long time to get there. Getting eHealth Implementation right is the focus of the ImpleMentAll project (IMA). IMA gathers representatives from nine European countries and Australia to develop and trial a framework for tailoring the implementation of evidence-based eHealth services.

MEDIA: The EIC Youtube Channel

We co-host and support conferences and webinars on a regular basis. On our Youtube Channel you can find impressions from our 2015 launch together with presentations given. We add new material regularly, so stay tuned.

JOURNAL: Implementation Science

Hosted by Springer, this online, open access journal publishes research relevant to the scientific study of methods to promote the uptake of research findings into routine healthcare in clinical, organisational or policy contexts.

Implementing evidence-based practice in social work: a shared responsibility

The main aim of this PhD thesis is to contribute to the growing body of empirical research on EBP...

Implementing evidence-based practice in social work: a shared responsibility

The main aim of this PhD thesis is to contribute to the growing body of empirical research on EBP implementation in social work, by exploring the factors that support or impede EBP implementation in social work practice and further developing our understanding of how implementation of evidence-based practice in social work practice can be improved. The focus is on Dutch Social Work.

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