The European Implementation Event 2023

Creating a new normal: Enhancing the relevance of implementation science for society

The 2023 European Implementation Event was co-hosted by the European Implementation Collaborative and IMPACT – the Swiss Implementation Science Network.

The field of implementation science – and closely related disciplines such as knowledge translation/ mobilization or improvement science – has undergone tremendous development in the past decades. The joint ambition of those involved is to make the active use of evidence the “new normal” in the everyday thinking and doing of decision makers and others who form and shape practice and policy in health, social welfare and education.

This new normal – its current state of the art and ways to advance it – took centre stage at the EIE2023. Presentations, debates and workshops focused on how to enhance the relevance of current best implementation knowledge for practice and policy in health, social welfare and education, in Europe and beyond.

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Waves of ideas
Knowledge sails into action
Row further, act on

Haiku, Scavenger Hunt Team "The cool kids"

Feedback from EIE2023 attendees collected by our EIE2023 Ambassador Christelle Boersema

What EIE2023 attendees said....

  • "I am so inspired now, but I wonder how I can implement my new knowledge at home, with all the ‘daily noise’?"
  • "Organization, information (and especially the app!), eating and drinking, it’s all so well organised!"
  • "To be inspired by all the keynotes and sessions: they make me think out of the box, what blows me off?"
  • "It is so nice to talk with colleagues who agree on the urge of implementation."
  • "To talk to colleagues, also from other work fields. That is interesting: to what extent are features of implementation general, and to what extent dependent on work contexts?"
  • "To be inspired, especially in all the talks with known and unknown colleagues. Now I realise that it is so wonderful to be live together."

#EIE2023 in pictures

Photos by Sven Geelen and the EIE2023 community

Thank you to our EIE2023 Ambassadors for engaging with the European Implementation community and capture their experiences at the event and to everyone who attended and contributed to EIE2023!