A number of national and regional implementation networks and initiatives have been established across Europe.
You can find further information on each of these below.

Danish Implementation Network

The Danish Implementation Network (DIN) contributes to the development of implementation science and practice as a distinct discipline in Denmark. DIN works to put implementation, the necessary step to bridge science and practice, on the agenda of policymakers, funders, practitioners, organisational leaders and researchers working in social care, health, education and labour market services.

German Speaking Implementation Association (GSIA)

The German Speaking Implementation Association (GSIA) was founded in April 2017 and connects researchers, practitioners, and policy makers interested in implementation science from Germany, Austria and Switzerland. The goal of the network is to advance implementation science in German speaking countries by sharing relevant information on the advancement of the field and by producing publications in German.A newsletter provides information on upcoming conferences, workshops and relevant publications to members. The network organises workshops, symposia and lectures on implementation science in German. Members are encouraged and supported in writing scientific publications and briefs in German to make implementation science more accessible in German speaking countries.

Network Admin:

Marie-Therese Schultes

Implementation Network of Ireland and Northern Ireland

The Implementation Network of Ireland and Northern Ireland was established in 2011 by the Centre for Effective Services (CES) to create opportunities to promote and share learning about effective implementation of policy and practice within and across health, education and social care sectors in Ireland and Northern Ireland and internationally.

The Network is led by a Steering Group made up of representatives from the public sector and community and voluntary sector from both Ireland and Northern Ireland. CES provides secretariat support to the Network.

The Implementation Network of Ireland and Northern Ireland currently has over 170 members (policy makers, service providers, practitioners and researchers) from Ireland and Northern Ireland.

Membership of the network is free and open to those working in public services in Ireland and Northern Ireland. In person meetings take place twice a year, with members receiving exclusive invites, opportunities to profile their work, and a biannual newsletter with new developments and resources.

For further information please contact [email protected].

Italian Implementation Network

The Italian Implementation Network (IN.it) was launched on the 31 July 2015 during the Annual Seminar of the International Association for Outcome-based Evaluation and Research on Family and Children's Services. It is an initiative of Fondazione Zancan and it aims to link social and health professionals involved in activities related to the multisite project Personalab.

The Network is now working towards developing the Network to include a wider audience interested in how to implement effective practices.

Further activities are planned for 2016 and they will focus on the practices of 'generative welfare' that different organisations are developing in some Italian regions.

Professionals engaged in implementation activities are invited to join the network.

For futher information please contact Cinzia Canali at [email protected]

Network Admin:

Cinzia Canali

Netherlands Implementation Collective

The Netherlands Implementation Collaborative (NIC)'s mission is to share knowledge about effective implementation gained in (scientific and practical) research and to promote the application of this knowledge in education, practice, policy and science.

The target group of the NIC are people involved in and responsible for implementing methods in public health care and youth care. These people include: policy makers, quality engineers, (implementation)researchers and intervention developers / owners. These people are employed in the sectors practice, policy and science. People in the target group have a wide network with which they are able to share this knowledge.

Key activities involve the (creation of an infrastructure to) exchange knowledge on effective implementation of methods. We do this by:

  • Linking individuals and groups that work in this area in the Netherlands
  • Sharing and exchanging knowledge on our digital platform
  • Organizing 2 national meetings a year on relevant subjects
  • Our connection with the European and Global Implementation Initiatives (EIC and GII)
For further information and contact options, check the NIC website

Nordic Implementation Interest Group

The Nordic Implementation Interest Group started in August 2013 as an invitation to researchers and practitioners to join a Nordic Interest Group for Implementation of Evidence Based Practice and quality improvement in health and human services. An Internet site was created and a mailing list was established for seminars and course invitations. The interest group welcome Nordic as well as non-Nordic members and the activities announced on the web pages are open to a wider audience.

The aim of the Nordic Implementation Group is to support a continuation of the Nordic Conference on Implementation, promote discussions of specific Nordic implementation issues, and facilitate knowledge exchange and competence development among implementation researchers and practitioners in the Nordic countries.

A further aim is to provide an overview of related initiatives worldwide and to keep interest group members updated on international activities in the field. The website is an open resource and the posting possibility is available for interest group members who wish to share implementation-related materials and to reach a wider audience with announcements of collaborative activities and opportunities.

Network Admin:

Ann Catrine Eldh

UK Implementation Society (UK-IS)

The UK Implementation Society (UK-IS) grew out of the UK Implementation Network (UK-IN) which was launched in 2014 by a group of professionals working in human services policy, practice and research in the UK. The Network began first to develop structures for working together and sharing cross-disciplinary learning to address the implementation gap. In 2017, in recognition of the evolution of our field in the UK and globally, the Network became a Society and Registered Charitable Incorporated Organisation (CIO).

UK-IS’ aim is to advance the science and practice of implementation, by promoting knowledge, disseminating resources, building capacity, establishing networks, supporting the development of the evidence base and most importantly, helping all those involved in implementing services to understand and apply evidence of ‘what works’ to improve services for the public benefit.

For further information about the Network and how to join, please visit the UK-IS website.

Network Admin:

Penny Matthews

Swiss Implementation Science Network (IMPACT)

IMPACT - the Swiss Implementation Science Network - is an initiative of Nursing Science, the Department of Public Health of the University of Basel, and the Swiss Tropical and Public Health Institute. The goals of IMPACT are to: (1) Showcase implementation science projects in healthcare in Switzerland; (2) Provide networking opportunities for implementation science researchers and other interested stakeholders in implementation science; (3) Provide training opportunities for implementation science; and (4) Leverage funding options for implementation science in Switzerland.

Network Admin:

Sabina De Geest

Norwegian Network for Implementation Research (NIMP)

The Norwegian network for implementation research (NIMP) was established in 2020. The main aim is to gather researchers, practitioners, politicians, and others that are interested in implementation research, and to share knowledge on research-based implementation.

More specifically, the network will work to:
- Put research-based implementation knowledge on the agenda
- Promote the sharing of research-based implementation knowledge in Norway
- Facilitate collaboration

Network Admin:

Karina Egeland

Contact: [email protected]


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