Come join us for the EIC General Assembly 2023 and elections to the EIC Board on October 25, 2023 from 4 - 6pm CET online!

We invite all EIC members to join us for the next EIC General Assembly!


  • We will feature a guest speaker from the field of Implementation Science and create time and space for member engagement.


  • Elections for the EIC Board will take place at this General Assembly - the EIC is currently accepting applications for Board membership. For more information, see below or contact [email protected] if you would like to run for election.


  • The agenda for the General Assembly will be sent to all EIC members well in advance of the meeting.

Are you an EIC member and would like to join the General Assembly? Please register here.

EIC Board Elections 2023 – 2026

The current EIC Board has governed the EIC from 2020-2023. The Board led the EIC through various activities including the development of the EIC 5-year Strategic Plan that outlines key strategic objectives and activities for EIC, and two European Implementation Events (held in 2021 and 2023) that were co-hosted by the EIC. The current EIC Board will hand over to a new EIC Board of Directors in October 2023 to steer the EIC for 2023 – 2026.

Some facts about the EIC Board – and what it means to be an EIC Board member

  • The EIC Board is elected by EIC members every 3 years and every EIC Board member can be elected for two terms (so for a total of 6 years).
  • The EIC Board is chaired by an EIC Board member. The EIC Chair will be elected by the EIC Board members.
  • The EIC Bylaws outline how the EIC is governed and guides how the EIC Board works.
  • The EIC Board meets for quarterly EIC Board meetings (online). Board members are expected to attend all.
  • Each EIC Board member takes on a number of different responsibilities that relate to the EIC 5-year Strategic Plan – Board member activities are tailored to personal capacity and interest.
  • EIC Board Members are expected to actively shape the EIC, working towards connecting a European community of implementation practitioners, researchers and policy makers with contemporary implementation skills and expertise.
  • The EIC aims to be an inclusive, diverse and anti-racist organisation and we therefore welcome diverse voices to the EIC Board.

How to run for EIC Board Elections 2023

You have decided to run for the 2023 EIC Board Elections? Excellent!
We are looking forward to meeting you on October 25 for our virtual General Assembly (GA), where these elections will take place. To provide General Assembly attendees with an opportunity to get to know you in advance of that meeting, we would like you to introduce yourself based on a short self-produced video.


The purpose of the video is to introduce yourself. It should give viewers an idea of who you are, how you are involved with implementation, and how you would contribute to the EIC as a board member.

Practical guidelines for producing your video

We would like to see videos meeting the following requirements:
  • Use a high quality camera or mobile phone in landscape mode to shoot your video
  • Keep the length of the video at max 3 minutes
  • In the video, include the following information:
    • Your name, your country of residence, your current organisational affiliation and your current role/job title
    • How do you work with implementation at the moment?
    • Why are you a member of the EIC?
    • What do you want to achieve for the EIC / What do you view as important for the EIC in the future?
  • Please send your final video - in a Youtube supported file format - to [email protected] before September 15, 2023

What will happen with your video?

We will upload video files of all candidates on our EIC Youtube Channel, where these will be registered as “Unlisted”. This means they will not be visible to the public. Instead, they can only be accessed by viewers through an appropriate link. This link will be included in the EIC General Assembly agenda, which will be e-mailed directly to all EIC members in advance of the General Assembly.

What will happen at the General Assembly?

As part of the General Assembly, EIC members will elect the new EIC Board. Your video will give members the chance to get to know you, as a board member candidate, in advance of the meeting on October 25. At the General Assembly online meeting, we will have Questions & Answers with the candidates applying to be Board members. After this, each EIC member in attendance at the meeting will have one vote to cast across the different board candidates. The seven candidates with the most votes will form the new EIC board 2023-2026.

Any questions?

Feel free to contact us at [email protected]!