It is our pleasure to welcome our plenary speakers - representing extensive expertise in the science, practice and policy of implementation - to the 2021 European Implementation Event.

We are currently working to further expand this list, so please stay tuned!

Jet Bussemaker (NL)

Jet Bussemaker actively shapes the political and academic landscape of The Netherlands. Her background is in Political Science, and she holds a professorship at the new academic chair ‘Policy, science and societal impact, in particular in health care’, at Leiden University Medical Center (LUMC) and the Faculty Governance and Global Affairs (FGGA) at Leiden University. Prior to her professorship, Jet Bussemaker was Minister of Education, Culture and Science in The Netherlands (2012-2017). She was a member of the Dutch parliament for the Dutch Labour Party for almost ten years. With her interdisciplinary education, experience and research, Professor Bussemaker works at the intersection between policy and health care, and promotes the application of scientific knowledge in health care and policy practice to increase its impact in society.

David Chambers (US)

Dr. David Chambers is Deputy Director for Implementation Science in the U.S. Office of the Director in the Division of Cancer Control and Population Sciences at the National Cancer Institute. Dr. Chambers manages a team focusing on efforts to build and advance the field of Implementation Science through funding opportunity announcements, training programs, research activities, dissemination platforms, and enhancement of partnerships and networks to integrate research, practice and policy.

Paul Iske (NL)

Paul Iske is professor at the School of Business and Economics, University Maastricht, Netherlands, focusing on Open Innovation and Business Venturing. Paul is founder and CFO (Chief Failure Officer) of the ‘Institute of Brilliant Failures’ (, with the mission to highlight the importance of experimentation to achieve paradigm shifts and breakthrough innovation. He is an international author, consultant and speaker on innovation, entrepreneurship, knowledge management and creativity. He spent 18 years as Chief Dialogues Officer, Head of Innovation and Knowledge Management at ABN AMRO Bank. In his talk, Paul will introduce a framework for value creation by accepting and learning from (Brilliant) Failures.

Sara Ingvarsson (SE)

Sara Ingvarsson from Karolinska Institutet will give this years's Early Career keynote at EIE2021. Sara is a PhD student and has a background as a psychologist within work- and organisational psychology. Her PhD project focuses on determinants and strategies for de-implementation of low-value care and is part of a larger project around de-implementation funded by the Swedish Research Council for Health, Working life and Welfare (FORTE) at the Procome Research group within the Medical Management Centre. In her keynote, Sara will talk about the current state-of-the-art in de-implementation of low-value care and considerations for the field of implementation.

Erik Gerritsen (NL)

Erik Gerritsen was appointed Secretary General at the Ministry of Health, Welfare and Sport in June 2015. During his many years of government service, he has gained experience in a wide range of fields. As Secretary-General he is in charge of the general governance of the Ministry and responsible for Macroeconomic Issues and Labour Market Department, the Financial and Economic Affairs Department of the Ministry and the Innovation and Healthcare improvement program. Erik Gerritsen holds a PhD in Change Management from Amsterdam University, which has served him well in working to transition the Dutch health care system to the digital age.

BASTA Forum Theatre (NL)

The Dutch BASTA Theatre company is fully devoted to bringing Forum theatre to the people. Based on a short play focused on implementation in healthcare, its players will engage EIE2021 attendees to become true "spect-actors" who question, interrupt and shape the things that happen on stage. This stage will function as a laboratory for the joint developing and testing of solutions to real world implementation problems. The BASTA theatre is led by the highly experienced "joker" Monique van Wielink, who will facilitate this "not-to-be-missed" performance.