Marie-Therese Schultes, PhD  Postdoctoral researcher at the Institute for Implementation Science in Health Care, University of Zurich, Switzerland Chair of the German Speaking Implementation Association Twitter: @MT_Schultes E-Mail: When I introduce myself as an implementation researcher in a German speaking context, I frequently find myself looking into puzzled faces of people who don’t have

Dagfinn Mørkrid Thøgersen  EIC Board Member Clinical Psychologist / Implementation Specialist / PhD-Scholar The Norwegian Center for Child Behavioral Development Twitter: @damotho Could I suggest three ambitions for the new decade of implementation science and practice? Firstly, let’s make sure that the ways in which we design, conduct and report implementation research generate findings that

Alexandra Ziemann, PhD EIC Board Member, Senior Research Fellow at Centre for Healthcare Innovation Research, City, University of London, UK Email:, Twitter: @_aziemann Imagine, you are tasked to spread an innovation for the benefit of the many across a diverse geography, for example, the national roll-out of a digital platform facilitating data sharing about

Keynote: Paul Iske

Katie Burke EIC Board Member, Senior Manager CES Ireland Email: Good implementation is like many of the complicated things in life – it takes skilled people to do it well. We learn and develop as people and professionals to become good teachers, doctors, social workers, policy makers and parents, so wouldn’t it be normal that

Tom Jefford, PhD EIC Board Member; FPM Business Director – Family Psychology Mutual, London Twitter: @TomJefford The COVID-19 crisis is a terrible unprecedented blight and has turned many lives upside down. It has also created opportunities, which earlier in the year would have been unthinkable. Society is in an unfrozen state in which sudden movement